The House at Cobb End (Cassandra Palmer

The House at Cobb End by Karen Chance

"The House at Cobb End" (2012) #0.7 and #5.1 — A short story by Karen Chance. Features John Pritkin in a back story from his earlier life.

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"The House at Cobb End" is set prior to the beginning of the Cassie Palmer series. It nonetheless contains spoilers for the first five books and should be read after the fifth book: Hunt the Moon . ~ Take A Chance: Free Stories

This short story in the Cassandra Palmer urban fantasy series is about John Pritkin and is set in England outside Stratford-on-Avon sometime in the mid- to late 1800s. — A little expansion on Pritkins history. ~ Smashwords ~ FREE

"The House at Cobb End" is a short story connected to the New York Times bestselling Cassandra Palmer series of urban fantasy novels. It is designed primarily as an "added feature" to the series, and is intended for those already reading the books. ~ Smashwords – The House at Cobb End ~ FREE

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A younger John Pritkin tames his fairy house.

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A John Pritkin short. This story is set prior to the beginning of the Cassie Palmer series. It nonetheless contains spoilers for all five books. This is a little story about a house. It was written in answer to a question that came in for the Facebook Q&A asking: "How old is Pritkin's house in Stratford? In the book he stated that he had owned it for over 100 years, but I wondered when the house was actually built and if someone had owned it before him." I started to answer it in the Q&A, but thought it deserved better. So here it is, and hope you enjoy. ~ Goodreads | The House at Cobb End (Cassandra Palmer, #5.1)

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