Adepts, aka the Acolytes

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The Adepts are a small group within the Pythia Court, chosen from the most gifted of the Senior Initiates. After Myra’s death, there were only five. Only the Adepts carry the Pythian power. — They are sworn to the service of the Pythia.

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The Adepts (Acolytes) carry the Pythian power—not the Initiates—they have to for training purposes. They all receive basic instruction in the Pythian arts, and the one who masters them the best is often selected as the heir. It also allows for circumstances when an heir dies or is deposed. There has to be someone else who can take over, who has been trained. They are also available to help the Pythia in times of need—when a mission is more hazardous than she feels would be prudent to handle alone.[1]


The current group of Acolytes:

  • They seemed happy when Rhea Silvanus told them about her vision of Ares coming and making terrible war.
  • They turn out to be traitors.

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  • The Acolytes only have a small fraction of the heir’s power, barely enough for training.
  • They told Rhea Silvanus and the others in the Pythia Court terrible things about Cassie and that she was not the true Pythia.

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