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Alphonse is a vampire who is Tony's second-in-command[1] and personal bodyguard.He replace Casanova as second-in-command.[2] In the beginning of the series, Tony has him searching for Cassandra Palmer.

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  • Alphonse collected weapons of all kinds, kept a wicked-looking two-headed axe on his safe-room wall. [3]

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  • Built like how a thug was supposed to look. [1]
  • Scary, ugly faces: looked like he been hit—repeatedly, with a baseball bat, in the face. [1]
  • "He had almost no profile because his nose stood out no more than his Neanderthal brow line" [1]

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  • Vampire Master: Tony
  • Family:
  • Spouse/Mate:
  • Co-workers for Tony:
  • Friends:
  • Other:


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  • Always stood behind his master's left shoulder.[1]
  • He had no reason to want me dead besides the fact that Tony had ordered it.[1]
  • Alphonse nickname was 'Baseball' because of what he could do with a bat—everyone at Tony's Court had a nickname tied to either their favorite weapon or most prominent physical feature.[4]
  • He was unlikely to hunt Cassie down if he took over the busy after Tony was taken out. [5]

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Alphonse had been one of Baby Face Nelson's hit men before he was turned.[1]


He once watched an old Dracula movie with Cassie—he laughed himself sick at the sight of a vamp only a few days out of the grave supposedly raising another one. [1]

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

Alphonse stood next to Tony, both appearing via an enchanted mirror at the Vampire Senate. He didn't do much to support his bosses efforts in the Senate conference chamber. If Tony argued himself into a permanent grave, Alphonse would get a chance to seize control of the operation. [1]

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

3. Embrace the NightEdit

4. Curse the DawnEdit

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