Apollo — First Appearance: Touch the Dark

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Apollo is a God-like being based on the Greek God. Apollo is the god of all Seers. He is the source of the Pythia’s power.

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  • God

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  • God-lie powers


  • Delphi — Apollo's greatest temple. [1]


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  • Strong arms the color of spring pollen, a bright true yellow that sparkled as if dusted with gold. The light danced over his skin the way it does on water. [2]

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  • Sister:Artemis
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  • The Tears of Apollo are an ancient concoction. They have been used to aid in meditative trances for centuries. [3]

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"Apollo, the god of all seers, loved the beautiful human Cassandra, but she did not return his affections. She pretended to love, long enough to gain the gift of foreknowledge; then she ran away. He finally found her, of course—like you, she could not hide forever—and exacted his revenge. She could keep the gift, he said, but she would see only tragic events, and no one would believe her when she prophesied until it was too late." — Jonathan, the Dark Mage [4]

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1. Touch the DarkEdit

The Dark Mage, Jonathan tells Cassie the story of Apollo and Cassandra. [5]

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

Apollo presents himself in a vision just as Cassie consumes her Pythia Rites. He approves of Tomas as his avatar, the son of another of his priestesses. He names her Herophile. He says that the power goes where it will. "Once I gave it into human hands, I lost control."[6]

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4. Curse the DawnEdit

5. Hunt the MoonEdit

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"Who are you?" I demanded.
"One who has waited long ages for someone like you. At last, things will begin to happen.”
"What things?”
"You will see. I have great faith in you.”
"Then you're crazy," I told him flatly. "I don't know how to use this power you've stuck me with, and Myra 's going to kill me any minute now.”
"I sincerely hope not. As for the other, the power goes where it will. Once I gave it into human hands, I lost control.”
"But Myra -”
"Yes, for now, you must deal with your rival. We will speak again when that is done.” [7]

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