Cassie's Ward — Books first appears in: Touch the Dark.

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The lopsided pentagram tattooed on Cassandra Palmer's back is actually a ward that can stop most magical attacks. It was crafted by the Silver Circle itself and it has done some fairly amazing things,[1] Cassie has had the ward on her back from the time she was very young.[2] Its original pentagram shape had stretched as she grew older, and it ended up being an ugly tattoo that covered half her back and part of her left shoulder.[2] Cassie believed for a long time that Tony had it put on her. She later found out that her mother somehow transferred it to her before she died when Cassie was four.[3]

Origins Edit

✥ It was the Silver Circle's own ward that Cassie's mother had transferred from herself to Cassie. When it flared for the first time a few years ago, the Circle knew that Tony had lied when he told them that Cassie died in the car with her parents. They have been hunting Cassie ever since.[4]

✥ It's hundreds of years old and priceless, one of the Circle's real treasures. [3]


Agnes loaned her ward to her HeirElizabeth O'Donnell—for a training exercise right before she eloped with some loser. Naturally, she didn't bother to give it back first. (This is the ward that Cassie has on her back.) [5]

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Flares and zaps those that threaten her.[3]
  • Drew it's power from the Circle untill they cut it off—they put a block on it. [6] [3]
  • The ward in not imprinted on her aura, so draws power externally.[3]
  • Designed to sense intent.[7]

Characteristics / NatureEdit

  • It's hundreds of years old and priceless, one of the Circle's real treasures.[3]
  • It's both a tattoo and a work of art, per Mac.[3]
  • Designed to fit over her aura like a glove [8]
  • Needs a stable field to keep a proper grip.[8]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • A lopsided pentagram tattoo ward on her back. [1]

Other DetailsEdit

  • May not stop a nonmagical assault of the caliber of a Golem. [1]
  • The Duthracht Geis is causing interference with her ward—the more powerful spells cause the most trouble.[8]

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Events in the Series Edit

This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

The Circle put a block on Cassie's Ward—it won't flare. She can't depend on it for protection. The Circle can't remove it unless they have her in their power.[9] From a distance, the Circle can only block it—not deactivate it—they feared she'd use it against them. They would not have closed the connection because whenever it flared, it gave them her general location.[10] Mac says he can fix her ward by linking it to a new source of power: her Pythia power. She refuses. He says that none of his other tattoo wards will be strong enough for Faerie.[3] Mac fixes her ward and gives her Sheba. Mac explains that her ward didn't flare when his hawk tattoo bit a cut in her hand because it's more advanced than the other wards and it's designed to sense intent. Mac didn't mean her any harm.[7] Her ward did not flare when the Consul grabbed her leg.[11] Mac looks over her ward once they land in Faerie. He says that the Duthracht Geis is interfering with her ward. He can fix it after she gets the gems removed.[8]

Quotes Edit

"...This particular ward is designed to fit over your aura like a glove does a hand, but it needs a stable field to keep a proper grip. An active geis is interpreted as a serious threat, and your natural defenses go into constant turmoil, trying to reject the invader. But, by doing so, they make it impossible for your artificial protection to do its job.” — Mac to Cassie [8]

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Book References Edit

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