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Chavez is an Incubus who works for Carlos Casanova at Dante's Casino. He assisted Cassie in retrieving the items that she had in a locker at the skating rink with the agreement that he would deliver the items to Carlos Casanova to be put in the safe at Dante's. [1]


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  • 'Dream Maker' [3]


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  • Friendly, flirty, helpful, and we'll-read. [3]

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  • Lean, muscled body, dressed in skintight jeans and T-shirt, and tanned that beautiful burnished color only olive skin gets.[3]

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

He is waiting with car—a luxurious new BMW—for Cassie and John Pritkin at the end of a hidden corridor. He drives her to the skate rink and accepts a bundle of mysterious magical weapons tha Cassie stole from the Inner Sanctum of the vampire Senate to take to Casanova for the safe Dante's. Before leaving, he told her his name meant Dream Maker-[5] 

Chavez was likely not attracted to Cassie, which is why the Duthracht Geis did perceive him a threat and there was not retain from the geis when Cassie felt a strong attraction because of the Pythia Rites demanding to be completed.[6] Chavez is AWOL, he never made it to Dante's with Cassie magical items for the safe. [7]

The Incubus that Cassie had been calling Spirit Creature told Cassie a few of the various names he used for for himself over the centuries.[3] Pritkin translated the names as meaning Dream—the same name that Chavez had given her. She had handed several Magical Traps to him and realized, now, that one of those traps probably held Dracula imprisoned and that Dream—Dracula's incubus lover—would not deliver the traps to Casanova. It was his chance to release Dracula. So, now she had to worry about Dracula released onto the world in her own time. [4]

➢ See Spirit Creature, Dream, and Bram Stoker for more action.

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