Claire Lachesis

Claire Lachesis — Null, Dorina's friend

Claire — full name is Claire Lachesis, she is a character from the Dorina Basarab series. She stars in her own short story, "Buying Trouble" (DB #1.1).

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Claire is a mage who is a projective Null.

Claire Lachesis is from the novella "Buying Trouble", in the On the Prowl anthology. She is also a supporting character in the Dorina Basarab series of novels. Until a year ago, Claire was a poor auction house employee, using her ability as a magical null to calm down volatile items before they killed off all the customers. Then one of those customers, a handsome Fey with royal connections, swept her off her feet and all the way to Faerie.

Now, Claire is living a fairy tale: marriage to a handsome prince, travel to distant lands, wealth and magic. And separation from the only world she knows, isolation among very strange strangers and people constantly trying to kill her and her newborn son. Frankly, she's beginning to think this happily-ever-after stuff is a bunch of crap. ~ Take A Chance: Gallery

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Claire's father (step father)—head of House Lachesis—decided to sell her to some Light Fey (who looked like the Svarestri clan) when she was a teen. A great-uncle found out about it before the deal went through and helped her escape. When her Father (Lechesis) couldn't produce her as promised, the Fey decided he'd welshed on the deal, so they killed him. Seb, her cousin, has been searching for her ever since for revenge. He found her at Gerald & Company Auction House and came to bid on her intending to sell her to Harvesters.[1]

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Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Claire is a Null that can calm or stop magic from beings or objects.
  • Can drain magic from another being.[2] [3]
  • Discovers that she can direct the power and use it as a weapon—though needs practice.[4] [5]
  • Can shift into a Dragon. [6]
  • Claire is such a strong null—her dragon twin lends you extra power.[7]

Null AbilitiesEdit

  • Absorbs the magic into herself somehow—she was able to redirect that power for the first and use it as weapon against the Svarestri.[8] [9]


  • Works at Gerald & Company, an auction house, calming the magical artifats until purchased. 

Character / PersonalityEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Almost 6 feet tall.
  • Dark Emerad Eyes[10]
  • Wears glasses.
  • Frizzy red hair, tamed with a curling iron.
  • Moss green gown; chifon, low back

Dragon Form DescriptionEdit

  • Short gray snout with gleaming teeth[11]
  • Slitted pupils, with pale purple irises.
  • Grayish-black wings, like a bat's.
  • Huge, scale-covered haunches and a fat tail.[12]
  • Big pansy-colored eyes, and a little shock of purple fuzz on her chin.[13]
  • Fat and clumsy, with small wings—a baby.[14]

How Being around a Fey effects Claire Edit

  • Make her body respond instantly—Claire hates it. 
  • It turns out that it was her Fey half that needed to connect with a Fey in order to manifest.

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Other DetailsEdit

  • Required to wear formal gown to auctions.
  • Being around a Fey makes her body respond instantaneously and overwhelmingly.
  • Claire wears glasses in human form, her eyesight is blurry without them.
  • Claire has very clear vision in dragon form.[15]
  • Vegetarian, though her dragon half (her "twin") objects and has her craving meat. [16]

Lachesis Famly History Edit

Claire is from House Lachesis. They've been know for centuries as the people to see for those serious about magical healing. Per Rumor, one of Claire's ancestor fled Venice after being involved in a poisoning affair that got a little too public. She settled in France, but that was the 1660s and a big poison scare was going on there, too. So she didn't think it smart to use her real name and chose Lachesis to be her name. In mythology, Lachesis—the Disposer—was one of the three Moirae, the Fates—She measured the spread of human life and determined its length.[17]

Claire's mother, a short blond, died shortly after she was born—by falling down a flight of stairs she'd climbed safely a hundred times before. Claire doesn't know much about her. The family ever said was that she craved hot sauce the whole time she was carrying me."

Claire's Dragon Family Edit

When Claire's dragon twin manifested—was born—her father was in the Dark Fey lands when he felt Clair's second nature being born. He left immediately to look for her.[18] Claire's dragon-father had glowing, torchlit eyes, leathery wings and scales that glittered like diamonds in the starlight, his golden scales had a reflective quality. Upon arriving he tore through the Svarestri who were attacking Clare and Heidar. Then he shifted into a tall man with dark red hair and a tender expression. He said to her, "You have your mother's eyes."[19]

Claire's Dragon Family consists of, besides her real father, an aunt, two cousins, her half-brother, Tanet. One was green, one a fiery red (Tanet) and two more a softer gray-blue, like Claire had been. Her father had a golden face and huge wings. They're very excited. A child is a great joy among the Fey.[20]

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The purpose of this section is to be able to find things in the series. Please use References. This section may have spoilers. If you want to avoid spoilers, please don't read the summary for a book that you have not read yet. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning".

1. Midnight's Daughter (2008) Edit

Claire is missing and Dorina Basarab searches for her.

1.1. "Buying Trouble" (2007)Edit

The story of Claire (protagonist), a Null. Her boss Matt Gerald tries to auction her off—her cousin, Seb, who is the main bidder, will sell her to Harvesters for revenge and for the money. Her and Heidar are sent through a portal into the heart of Svarestri territory in Faerie by a Rune of Langgarn.[21] Then begins their adventure in faerie evading their enemies and seeking way back to the mortal world to get back the Rune.[22] Along the way, Claire learns that she is a shapeshifter when she turns into a baby dragon and is united with her true father and the Dark Fey side of the family—all dragons.[23] Claire returns to New York with Heidar and and her newly found half-brother, Tanet to find the Rune of Langgarn. They fall into a trap set by Seb who surrounded them with mages. Tanet dropped from the sky and started fighting mages along with Claire and Heidar. One mage got a hold of the Rune. Claire drew on his magic, he collapsed, but so did Claire. She had inadvertently also drew in the Rune's magic.[24] Afterward, she glowed brighter than Heidar. To get rid of the magic, she put on a fireworks display. Tanet returned to Faerie and Claire and Heidar stayed in New York.[25]

2. Death's Mistress (2010)Edit

2.1. "In Vino Veritas" (2011)Edit

3. Fury's Kiss (2012)Edit


"Yeah. In the eyes of most of the supernatural community, I'm not a person, I'm a weapon. And the sooner they drain me into one of their bombs the better." — Claire. [26]

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