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Etienne is a young-looking Ghost that Cassandra Palmer and Tomas encountered in a 17th Century torture dungeon in Carcassonne where Francoise lay tied to a rack near death. Etienne is with a horde of ghosts that haunt the dungeon. He steps forward to talk to Cassie but does not speak English. Another older-looking ghost, Pierre, talks to Cassie as the only one of the ghosts who speaks English. They know that she is a spirit but not one like them. He's hoping that she is a powerful witch or goddess who can help them exact revenge on their torturers who murdered them. Cassie just wants help finding a way out of the Castle with Francoise. That is when Etienne steps forward—Pierre translates that he knows of a way out and will guide them. Etienne leads them through an underground passage from the foot of one of the towers to the river Aude. [1]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Young man, maybe eighteen,
  • His coat was blue wool
  • Brown hat with a jaunty yellow feather sticking out of the broad brim.
  • Long, very curly wig
  • Buff leather shoes with big yellow bows on them.[2]

Other DetailsEdit

  • He'd been dead a year or less. [3]

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Book References Edit

  1. Touch the Dark, ch. 7
  2. Touch the Dark, ch. 7
  3. Touch the Dark, ch. 7

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