Fanatic — in "The Day of the Dead"

About Edit

'Fanatic ' is a mage and a member of Sarah Lee's mercenary team. Neither he or Forkface gave gave out their names, so Tomas made up his own names for them in his head, which he kept to himself. He wants to keep the vampire bones (for spells) that they find on their mission to kill Alejandro. — He can make a silence shield using bones.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Can make a silence shield using bones.
  • Can do a shadow spell, in full light, to make them less obvious. It works on humans by redirecting their attention away—will not work on master-level, but all else.[2]

Character / NatureEdit

  • Kept muttering silently to himself and fingering a necklace of what looked like withered fingers.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Tall, gaunt man, with eyes of a fanatic set deep in a craggy face

Other DetailsEdit

  • He had been delegated to lead the way out fo rthe rescued human victims while Sara and her remaining associate remained behind to rescue Tomas.
  • He seemed perturbed that they hadn’t brought him any bones.

Associated Characters, Places, etc. Edit

Book References Edit

  1. "The Day of the Dead"
  2. "The Day of the Dead"

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