Forkface — in "The Day of the Dead"

Introduction Edit

Forkface' is a mage who is a part of Sarah Lee's mercenary team. Neither he or Fanatic gave gave out their names, so Tomas made up his own names for them in his head, which he kept to himself.

Forkface didn’t look like a mage. He had a jagged, ugly scar on his right cheek, as if someone had dragged a fork with sharpened tines over his skin. It could have been covered by glamourie or fixed easily by magical healers—unless he preferred to look like an extra from a horror flick.[1]

About Edit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Can use magic to mask his breath, the sound of his heart beating, his footfalls.
  • Adept at potions and magical weapons[2]

Character / NatureEdit

  • Had an utterly blank stare, as cold as ice.[3]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • He has a scar on his cheek that like it was made with a fork.

Other DetailsEdit

  • He has a belt and a backpack full of potions and magical weapons.
  • He carried Tomas out of the cave after yanking free the axe in Tomas' spine. [4]

Associated Characters, Places, etc. Edit

Book References Edit

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