Geis — See also: D'uthracht Geis — First Mentioned in Claimed by Shadow

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A geis is a magical bond, usually involving a taboo or prohibition over personal behavior. [1]

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  • To prevent certain behaviors according to the spells specifications. [2]

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"Melusine was a beautiful woman six days of the week, but was cursed to appear as a half serpent on the seventh. She married Raymond of Lusignan after he agreed to a geis prohibiting him from ever seeing her on Saturday, even though she refused to say why. They had many happy years together until one of his cousins convinced Raymond that Saturday was the day she spent with her lover, and he spied on her to find out the truth. That broke the geis, causing Melusine to become a dragon permanently and losing Raymond the love of his life.” — told by Casanova [3]

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2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

Casanova tells Cassie she has a powerful geis put on her—specifically a D'uthracht Geis, and she's had about 12 years. [4]

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