Guardian of the Portal — Appears in Claimed by Shadow

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The Guardian of the Portal on the Faerie side of the Portal—the gateway between mortal world and the land of the Fey—bet is a Dragon of the Dark Fey.[1]


Powers & Abilities Edit

Description Edit

  • head the size of a small car
  • green and covered in shiny, iridescent scales
  • snout big enough to eat a person in one bite
  • No smoke came out of its nostrils
  • Its orange eyes had narrow red pupils
  • impossibly long neck
  • jagged, dark yellow teeth
  • warm, acrid breath
  • huge body
  • Black leathery wings[2]

Other Details Edit

  • Those who enter Faerie without passes get an automatic death sentence.[3]
  • looked at Cassie like a mouse with it's cat-like eyes.

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Events in the Series Edit

This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

2. Claimed by Shadow Edit

Ther ewas a face-off between the Guardian dragon and Pritkin, Kit Marlowe and Mac. It pokes its large, gree-scaled head through a hole in the roof. It gave chase when it spotted Pritkin's Golem run past it's line-of-sight. The dragon couldn't defeat them itself, so it took off into the sky, going after reinforcements. [4]


Then the golem really lost it, running naked and screeching directly across the dragon's line of sight, causing the orange eyes to focus on him instead. He plunged through the curtain and the dragon followed, its neck flowing past me in a river of scales, its talons trying to rip a large enough hole in the roof for its huge body. — Cassie's thoughts [5]

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Book References Edit

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