Headliners — aka Zombie Bar or Voodoo Bar

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Headliners is the zombie bar at Dante's Casino with entertainment—the zombies of real people once famous performers—Elvis, Hendrix, and others.[1]

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  • Large speakers looked like giant tiki heads

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

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War Mages shot Elvis and Casanova had to be call in Hendrix to replace him.[1]

After returning from Faerie through the portal into Dante's, Cassie and Kit Marlowe avoid the War Mages while Zombie Elvis performs and they try to figure a way out. The Graeae show up bearing "Birt' Day" gifts for the new Pythia—they're Casanova's idea of a diversion. One of the gifts is a bucket of bloody cow entrails which sets off Zombie Elvis into a crazed frenzy which exposes his brains. The customers at nearby table freak out—chaos ensues. And, more War mages arrive. She hears Billie's voice—says he's trapped and pleads with Cassie to wait. Kit goes to check for traps, Pritkin sees Cassie and fights his way toward her shooting fireballs and causing a lot of damage—Deino froze him, then decked him. The mages broke through the zombie line of defense, shredding them. JP grabbed her, Marlowe used some force to knock him off of her, but she couldn't get to Marlowe through al the fire...she shifted out, thinking only of finding Myra. [3]

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