Initiates — First mentioned in Claimed by Shadow

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Initiates are young candates in early stages of Pythia training.

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  • can be easily manipulated, controlled or corrupted [1]

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  • Pythia in Training

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  • the initiates are all under the control of your Circle. [1]

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This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

The Circle has a new candidate for Pythia, one of the more docile Initiates. They believe that if both Cassie and Myra die, that she'll inherit.[2] Cassie is certain that John Pritkin wants to kill her to let Myra take her place—or one of the Initiates under the control of he Circle who can be easily manipulated, controlled or corrupted.[1]

Quotes Edit

"There is no next in line," I told Pritkin flatly. "If there were another contender who could do a decent job, I'd have given her the damn power already! But the initiates are all under the control of your Circle, who I don't trust any more than the Black. I'm not going to hand world-shattering power to someone who can be manipulated, controlled or corrupted!” [1]

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Book References Edit

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