Jerry Sydell — First mentioned in Touch the Dark.

About Edit

Jerry Sydell is a Fed who though Cassandra Palmer was a nut case, but she had helped to cripple one of the biggest crime families in Philadelphia, he was willing to advise Cassie. He helped her pick out the 9-mm semiautomatic pistol, which combined the right grip for her hands with the power to ward off anything on two legs. Jerry took her to a practice range every day for two weeks. Jerry liked Cassie—she reminded him of his eldest kid—and he wanted to see her go straight. He thought that she'd got in with the wrong crowd when too young to know better, then wised up and decided to turn state's evidence. He didn't believe in vampires until two of Tony's vamps tore his throat out one night. Cassie saw it in a vision and knew it was going to happen. She called Alphonse to remind him that the Senate would not like him killing a human who didn't know anything.[1]

Character / PersonalityEdit

  • He didn't believe in anything he couldn't see, touch or put a bullet in—Jerry didn't believe in the supernatural—any of it.[2]

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Quotes Edit

He helped me pick out the 9-mm semiautomatic pistol, which combined a grip small enough for my hands with the power to discourage anything on two legs. "Except for the ghosts and ghoulies," he'd said with a grin. "You're on your own with them." [3]

Book References Edit

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