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Jonathan is the Dark Mage—a Black Knight—in Dante's parking lot who is part of the ambush out to capture or kill Cassie. He was one of two dark mages and five vampires in the lot and fifteen others spread around the area. They trap Cassie, Pritkin, Tomas, and Louis-Cesare...and Billy Joe. — He is the owner of the Dagger Bracelet and the one that Cassie temporarily possesses to stop his assault on Pritkin. [1]

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  • His Shield Ward is a wall of Wood, strong, but fairly normal—fortress of huge trees, like California redwoods, stretching up so high that their tops were lost to sight. Cassie fought with her fire shield, natural to her.[2]
  • His second Shield Ward was Water—which he used to quench Cassie's fire ward.


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1. Touch the DarkEdit

Jonathan was one of two Dark Mages, five vamps here and fifteen others spread around the area, and at least six are master level—and eight armed norms—plus another six norms and eight or nine vamps in the basement. He talked to Cassie mind to mind, tried to lure her out to him by claiming that he wanted to help her develop them. He addressed her as Sybil, explained it was a title for a true Clairvoyant and talked to her about her name's origins. To stop is attack on Pritkin's shields—which would mean all of their deaths if they failed—she possesses Jonathan. To get past his Shield of Wood tall and hard as redwoods, she used her own shield of Fire, entering him through a hole she made. Pritkin tells Cassie to disarm the Mage of his Dagger Bracelet. In the mean time, The Dark Mage is fighting Cassie's possession with second shield of water. She finally get the bracelet off bloodying his fingers—and the pressure lets off Pritkin. [3]

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