Light Fey

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The Light Fey are a subset of the Fey. There are three clans of Light Fey.

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The Light Fey are out-breeding the Dark fey. The light have been getting more and more anarchic lately—in the past few centuries—and there's no telling what they'll do if there is nothing to balance them.

Three Leading Clans of Light Fey Edit

  • Blarestri — Blue Fey, current ruling house, colors are blue and gold
  • Svarestri — Black Fey, colors are black and silver
  • Alorestri — Green Fey, have the most contact with humans.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Character / NatureEdit

  • Their beauty haughty, sharp perfection and as pain, no softness about it.
  • Use their beauty like a weapon just as effectively as their swords or enchantments.
  • They're just as cold underneath the glacial exterior.[1]

Light Fey vs Dark FeyEdit

  • the Light Fey have been making things difficult for the Dark Fey causing a rise in illegal alien Dark Fey crossing into the mortal world—Gargoyles in particular. [2]

Slaving WitchesEdit

  • the Light Fey are buying fertile magic users to help with the population shortage, that's what's going to happen fairly soon. And then the light will rule all of Faerie. The Dark Fey have traced the problem to Tony, and they are angry. They can't afford for the light Fey to outbreed them.[3]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Legendary for their beauty
  • Gracefully curved ears that stuck up through the hair



Other DetailsEdit

  • It was the Light Fey that Claire's dad tried to sell her to.[4]

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Events in the Series Edit

This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

1. Touch the Dark Edit

Tony has been selling magic users—Witches—to the Light Fey and want protection from M.A.G.I.C. and the Dark Fey—so he has allied with Rasputin and the Black Circle.[5]

1.1–DB. "Buying Trouble" Edit

A Svarestri group of Light Fey promised to help Father's campaign with a little timely blackmail in exchange for Claire, a Null, to be sold in slavery, or harvested, or killed.

Book References Edit

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