List of Possession Events — Events in which one character is in possession another character

Possession Events Edit

List of Possessions
Possessor Character Possessed Where / When Book
Cassie Louis-Cesare Carcassonne 1661 [1] CP-1
Cassie Tomas Dante's lot; Carcassonne 1661 [2] CP-1
Cassie Dark Mage Jonathan Dante's lot; present [3] CP-1
Mircea Basarab Louis-Cesare Carcassonne 1661 [3] CP-1
Myra Augusta Convocation 1889 [4] CP-2
Agnes Francoise Convocation 1889, Faerie [5] CP-2
Cassie Augusta Lyceum Theatre 1889 [6] CP-2
Agnes Billy Joe's locket Lyceum Theatre 1889 [7] CP-2

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Book References Edit

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