Necromancers — aka Bokors

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The magic to make zombies requires that Necromancer put a part of their soul into each zombie to control it. Most can make and control only 1–2 at a time. Only An especially gifted bokor might be able to operate as many as five zombies.[1]

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  • Animate the Dead—create Zombies from dead bodies

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Known ZombiesEdit

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  • One of the Misfits, an eight-year-old Asian boy, is a necromancer. [3]

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2. Claimed by ShadowEdit

[4] [5]

3. Embrace the NightEdit

An eight-year-old Asian boy of the Misfits animated little dead bird bodies that marched in a line in Dante's kitchen and danced in order to entertain the baby—he beamed with pride.[6] the Bokor at Dante's

CP–3.1. "The Day of the Dead" Edit


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