Pan's Flute — First appears in Touch the Dark.

About Edit

Pan's Flute was the watering hole for the second circle—"sin of lust". The decor had Skeletons everywhere. The waiters were all real Satyrs in G-strings.[1]



Satyr Waiters Edit

  • half-goat with real fur-covered haunches and glossy black hooves
  • Rudimentary horns that poked out of dark brown curly hair
  • Wore a ring of acanthus leaves on their heads
  • They are well endowed and often erect, especially around females

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Decorated almost entirely with dismembered skeletons—
  • chandeliers made of what looked like human bones,
  • garlands of skulls also hung from the ceiling
  • Skulls were used for candle holders
  • Drinks were served in skull-shaped goblets with tacky glass «rubies» for eyes
  • Napkins showed the Dance of Death in black on a red background, with a grinning skeleton leading a parade of sinners off to perdition.[2]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Tony's homage to the Renaissance Italy where he'd been born during a time of plague and whole villages being wiped out made people somewhat morbid. Ossuaries, chapels built entirely out of the bones of the deceased, were the era at its most extreme.[3]

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Book References Edit

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