Portals — first mentioned in Claimed by Shadow

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Portals are doorways between dimensions. For example: between the mortal world and Faerie. Or, between the mortal world and the Demon dimensions.

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There had to be a portal in Dante's for Tony's legal Slaving of witches to the Light Fey. And for his trafficking of illegal alien Gargoyles for kitchen work at Dante's. Casanova doesn't know where it is. "Tony was selling witches to the Fey, but he had a special group who dealt with that side of the business and I wasn't one of them. He took most of them with him when he disappeared." Miranda doesn't know either, she and the Gargoyles were blindfolded when they were brought her from Faerie. [4]

Mac, Pritkin and Cassie trek to MAGIC to use their portal to get into Faerie.[5] Cassie shifts into the vampire Senate in MAGIC planning to shift out with Tomas, and gets stuck there when a null bomb is set off trap her. She's rescued by Mac and Pritkin in Mac's magic Tattoo Shop—they escape through the portal at MAGIC directly into Faerie.[6]

Cassie, Pritkin, Kit Marlowe, Radella, Francoise and Billy Joe all went through the portal in the Dark Fey King's court to Dante's Casino.[7]

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