Portia — Appears in Touch the Dark

About Edit

Portia is one of those ghosts who relive the tragic parts of their lives over and over. She's a fixated haunter something like an obsessive human who wants to wash her hands fifty times a day. And she's mobile, so she will can follow Cassie around and run on about whatever is bothering her. She likes to play games with the tour horses, by possessing them and causing chaos.

On the day that Cassie was running for her life from Tony's thugs, Portia, Portia decided to be talkative. Cassie told her she needed a lookout, and Cassie immediately regretted it.[1]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Pretty southern belle with swinging hoop skirts
  • Blue eyes
  • dainty gloved hands

Other DetailsEdit

  • A lot of people in the supernatural community don't believe in ghosts.[2]
  • Portia's intervention with the vampire hit squad had been a fluke—Cassie did not want the Senate to know—most ghosts are too weak to do what Portia's friends had managed. The Senate would not believe and could view her as a threat to eliminate.[3]

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Events in the Series Edit

This section may have spoilers.

1. Touch the DarkEdit

Portia came to the rescue while Cassie was being attacked by five of Tony's vampires. She brought along Captain Beauregard Lewis and his calvary. Portia managed to trip a vamp with her parasol, then ordered the Ghost-troops to get the vamp. Several thousand troops converged on the same point, falling into the vamp like water disappearing down a drain. The vamp started ricocheting off shelves, his skin turned a mottled purple. He frozen like a statue. Each ghost was freezing a tiny bit of the vamp. I had just begun to wonder what would happen when all those spirits tried to escape from his now unyielding flesh when the explosion came—and Cassie that I ended up covered in icy bits of vampire flesh.[4] Portia old Billy Joe what happened to Cassie. [5]

Book References Edit

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