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Rico is one of three vampires newly assigned to guard for Cassandra Palmer. It's a sort of "last resort" assignment—Mircea's vampires got assigned to her because they were screw-ups. [1]

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  • Vampire

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  • General vampire abilities


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  • Dark curls, stubbly jaw and muscled abdomen. [2]

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  • Daredevil: famously unafraid of anything[3]

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  • Known for one-liners

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6. Tempt the StarsEdit

Rico went with Jules to get clothes for Cassie from Augustine's shop. He returned unscathed by any hexes, unlike Jules.Fred[5]

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"See? I keep telling everyone she is not rally a dumb blond." [6]

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  • Source for Images and Into: Author's site. The Artist is not credited or I would name the artist.

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