Satyr-Were Hybrids

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Many of the Satyrs at Dante's Casino are part Satyr and part Were. Of these hybrids, the Were part was Were-rat. While at work they were in satyr form and mainly worked in Pan's Flute, bar in the casino-hotel.

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Events in the Series Edit

In Touch the Dark, Cassie, along with Louis-Cesare, Tomas, John Pritkin, and Billy Joe, was led into an ambush of a group of Satyr-Were-Rats by Jimmy the Rat.[1] Later, Mircea, Tomas and Rafe fed on—but not kill—the Satyr-Were Hybrids as a punishment in humiliation. Pritkin was disgusted, Cassie thought they were getting off easy fro tying to kill her. But Pritkin though she was something to be loathed for not also be disgusted.[2]

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Book References Edit

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  2. Touch the Dark, ch. 9

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