Seb, aka Sebastian

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Seb is head of one of America's foremost magical houses and is usually surrounded by bodyguards. He is Claire's cousin and enemy.

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  • Human, non-magical mage

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  • None 


  • Former bean counter for Clair's father
  • Head of one of America's foremost magical houses.[2]

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  • maintains the air of pompous gravity

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  • Tall, elegant figure in a dove gray suit

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  • Parents:
  • Cousin: Claire
  • Friends:
  • Other:


  • Three of his relatives are planning to kill him.[3]

Other DetailsEdit

  • Surrounded by no fewer than eight bodyguards
  • family business was tied up so one heir gets it all, and the rest are out of luck

Biography Edit

When Cassie's father tried to sell her to the Fey, she escaped before she could be handed over. The Fey killed him because he welshed on the deal. Seb has been looking of her ever since for revenge—and to make a buck in the process.[4] Sebastian had convinced her Father to begin with, that only the Fey could insure his victory in an election for the head of the Great Council—and Claire was the one thing they wanted. [5]

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1.1-DB "Buying Trouble"Edit

Seb showed up at the auction at Gerald & Company to buy Claire to sell her to Harvesters who kill Nulls to turn them into Null Bombs. He was invited by Matt Gerald who wanted to make a buck not caring what Seb did with her. Claire escaped into Faerie by a Rune of Langgarn which created a portal. [6] When Claire returned with Heidar, he has set a trap for her with a bunch of mages. He was stopped and Claire was saved by Tanet.[7]

Quotes Edit

"How old are you again, Claire?" he asked, taking out a calculator. "I ask because I have an offer from a couple of Harvesters. And age does make a difference, you know."
The Gamelan bird to Seb: "You have no talent for business, and three of your relatives are planning to kill you, Oh, and one of them is sleeping with your mistress."[8]

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