Sebastian, full name is Sebastian Arnou — First appears in

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Sebastian Arnou is a Werewolf who goes to the Silver Circle for aid on behalf of his werewolf clan.

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Wolf Form:

  • Chartreuse eyes.
  • Huge gray and black wolf the characteristic long muzzle and mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.[1]

Other DetailsEdit

  • there was intelligence in those eyes that no animal would have had. [2]

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If you want to avoid spoilers, think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" for books you have not read yet.. The purpose of this section is to be able to find things in the series. Please use References.

1. Touch the DarkEdit

While Cassandra Palmer was being escorted from the Senate Chamber meeting by Louis-Cesare, Rafe and Mircea Basarab, they encountered a Werewolf in wolf form on the stairs at M.A.G.I.C.. Louis addressed him as Sebastian. They passed each other in peace—which never happens. It was surreal to Cassie.[3]

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