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The Svarestri are one of the Three leading clans of the Light Fey. The Svarestri are the enemy clan of the Blarestri.[1] They once ruled all of Faerie and they took their fall hard—they refuse to believe they are equal to the rest of the Fey, believing themselves to be superior.

"They say the rest of the Light Elves have thin blood because we've married so many humans over the centuries. They say the Dark Fey are monsters, ancient experiments gone wrong that the gods never bothered to destroy. Only they are pure, only they are fit to rule." — Heidar[2]

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Bright silver hair.[3]
  • Silver hair, malicious expressions

Enemies (or enemies to) Edit

  • Blarestri
  • Dark Fey
  • Anyone group or being that they consider to be 'not good enough'.

Other DetailsEdit

  • Despise humans, even magical ones, and they know little about their world.[4]
  • One of the Human contacts of the Blarestri told them that they saw the Runes listed for the auction. [5]
  • Svarestri don't buy humans—despising humans, they would never mate with them.[6]
  • They loathe anyone with "thin blood". 

Buying Claire as a TeenEdit

  • Claire's father tried to sell Claire to the Light Fey as a slave. Her description matches that of the Svarestri clan.[7]
  • If they were buying Claire, then it was to kill her to insure that her power was not transmitted to a rival clan's bloodline.[8]
  • They told Claire that she was disgusting, untouchable, and nauseating because she was human.[9]

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In "Buying Trouble",

Book References Edit

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