Time Travel Log

Time Travel Chart Edit

Time Travel Log
Book Time Where Purpose Who with
1–TtD 1661 Carcassonne see Francoise being burned; vision via Louis touch [1] alone
1–TtD 1661 Carcassonne save Francoise[2] Tomas
1–TtD 1661 Carcassonne save Louis-Cesare, Radu [3] Mircea
2–CvS 1888/9 Lyceum Theatre save Mircea from poison by Myra [4] John Pritkin
2–CvS 1889 Convocation save Mircea from Myra [5] alone
2–CvS 189

Lyceum Theatre

save Mircea from Myra to save herself[6] John Pritkin

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Book References Edit

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