Weres and Shapeshifters — see also: Two-Natured

Introduction Edit

Weres and Shapeshifters are beings that can change between animal and human forms. They are usually part human, but sometimes they are mixed with something else.

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About Edit

  • Lycanthropy is a metaphysical disease.[1]

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Can change between animal and human forms.

Source of Magic Edit

  • A massive energy of the planet as it moves at terrifying speeds through space. Gravity, sunlight, the pull of the moon, can all be converted to energy by those who know how—like the Fey, to a much lesser degree, lycanthropes.[2]

Character / NatureEdit

Types of Weres Edit

Were CharactersEdit

Other DetailsEdit

  • Weres taste bitter to Vampires — "It's an acquired tase"[3]

Associated Characters, Groups, Places, etc. Edit

Events in the Series Edit

This section may have spoilers. Think of the book title as a "Spoiler Warning" if you haven’t read it yet.

1. Touch the DarkEdit

Cassie passes the Werewolf Sebastian on the stairway at M.A.G.I.C. where Louis-Cesare addresses amiably. [4] Cassie watches Jimmy the Rat change into an odd looking creature that is part Satyr and part Were-rat—he's joined by several other Were-rats in the parking lot at Dante's.[5]

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Book References Edit

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